Sun, Sand and Sea – Would You Enjoy This?

Wintering in Spain is proving a big success. Several years ago English weather prompted me to make plans to change my lifestyle. You could you it too I’ll tell you how we did it. First you decide what you really want, then you make a plan to achieve it; where, when, and how.

If you continue to dwell on your plans for long enough on a regular basis and actually believe you can achieve them your subconscious will help you put it into action. So do be sure it is really what you want, consider all sides of your plan and what achieving it will bring.

My criteria was to winter somewhere warm, so we spent several holidays deciding where. Meanwhile my daughter and her husband bought an old farmhouse in the mountains in Spain as a holiday home that they could do up in time. Which they have proceeded to do.

So although initially my choice was Crete it would have been too warm in summertime. the short economical flights to Spain and property prices made it a favourable destination.

Meanwhile I wanted to change my work-life and set up an online business, so with trial and error I explored the possibilities of affiliate marketing. I wasn’t making much headway until I discovered my coach and her dedicated way of training, I then started making progress.

So over the last few years we have viewed various areas in Spain in the Costa Calida region, we decided on the coastal area of Lo Pagan and bought our house. For our summertime in England we decided to buy a mobile home and rent out our property.

This is our first winter here and I can certainly say it has been a success. We were talking about our choice on the beach today and questioned, whether with our knowledge we would choose the same again, maybe a better choice would have been to rent in Spain for the fist winter, as your viewpoint does change; having said that, we have a nice house that we and our visitors love, close to the beach with several other beaches a few miles away. It’s great to feel warm and see the sunshine virtually every day.

We have made some friends here and done a bit of exploring, but the time has gone so quickly. My business keeps me busy in the mornings and I enjoy developing my marketing skills and building my customers. Our ferry is booked for next month to return to England for the summer, but we will me back in the autumn.

If working online would give you the freedom you crave, affiliate marketing could be the answer, as you can work anywhere with your laptop. To make it easier for yourself start with the guidance of a coach. With their guidance you will make quicker progress, avoid information overload, and wasting your time with trial and error. They will provide products for your customers, sales pages and training, so that you can start earning whilst you are learning the techniques.

Start now and make 2016 a year to remember

Books to start you thinking:

“Ask for the Moon and Get It!” by Percy Ross

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins.

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy.

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers.

“Building an Online Cash Cow” by Anthony Barlow

“The Which Guide to Buying Property Abroad”

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What A Terms Of Service Agreement Is & Its Importance

Terms Of Service is a very important legal agreement between two parties and is normally overlooked by all of us when signing up for services online. Most people don’t know what the online Terms Of Service Agreement is and don’t even care. Most people generally just put a check mark in the box and move on. Terms Of Service is an agreement you are agreeing to before you are able to use a service and is a legal binding agreement between you and the party providing the service. This article is intended to provide basic information about what Terms & Services are and why they might be important to all of us. This is not legal advice, just information.

Terms Of Service can be abbreviated as TOS or ToS. Online statistics have shown that most people signing up for services online spend between one and three seconds viewing a Terms Of Service from the time it is presented until the time we agree to them. The agreement is mainly used on websites and internet service providers who store their user’s private information. What websites do with this information is found in the website’s Privacy Policy. These agreements are carefully drafted to de-rail specific issues if any were to arise.

One of the most important reasons for a website to have a Terms Of Service Agreement is because it defines the relationship between the site and its user and sets out who may use the site because that user must agree before they are able to use the service being provided.

Another important reason for a website owner to have a Terms Of Service on their website is so both parties have a clear understanding about the service provided. When Terms Of Service is not clear to the buyer, this is sometimes a sign of the website possibly hiding something from their customers like extra fees not mentioned anywhere else on the site. It is also not a good sign when the website has there Terms Of Service in all CAPS because the document becomes the texture of the website and very hard to read, especially if it is 300 or so pages, which is another sign of something not good.

Furthermore a TOS Agreement is also very important to website owners because they are the owner of their logo, content, website design, and just about everything on their website and limits liability for website owners if errors exist. As a TOS is also designed to prevent different types of abuse, the document gives the website owner’s permission to terminate accounts if ever needed and normally mentions how customers can terminate their own account if they wish to no longer have the service.