2 Reasons Why You Should Always Track Your Online Reputation

The importance of tracking your reputation helps you make necessary improvements in your business to boost customer loyalty and sales. The best thing to do is always make your customers feel as if they are getting the best service in the world from you. However, there are times when people do not always feel happy with it. Eighty-three percent of consumers will make a negative comment about a company. This can greatly impact your business as the negativity can spread rapidly due to the Internet running 24/7. Once a negative review is posted, people from all over the world can see it at any given time. So, then, here are two reasons why you should track your business’s reputation online and how you can keep yourself “looking good”.

1. It Helps You to Constantly Re-evaluate Your Products and Services

The only way to move forward is to know where you were and what “roadblocks” are in your way. You need to ask yourself: “Are there ways around these blocks, or do I have to start from the beginning?” You will not have to start your business all over again; just the part or parts that do not work the same.

You will find out what the roadblocks are when you begin to hear the feedback from your clients. Another way to find out what roadblocks are is to do surveys. It is always a good idea to give your customer a survey after each purchase they make. That way, the more times they see it, the more likely they are to complete it. You can also give them a discount for their next purchase after completing a survey to encourage them to complete it.

What are some facets to your online reputation that are important to know? For one, you will need to evaluate any reviews that are negative. You work hard for what you do, and unfortunately, some people are not completely satisfied. They will write a negative review of your business or brand so the whole world can see how unsatisfied they were. And if you just leave the negative feedback alone and never attempt to find out how you can help that person, there is no benefit to you. People will see it and base their purchasing decisions off the feedback. Always try to resolve any issues you have. Respond with an inquiry to the person who made the negative response and ask them how you can make things better for them.

On the other hand, a negative review does not always hurt your reputation; at least not in the beginning. There are many times when you try your sales techniques, whether passive or aggressive before anyone knows about your brand or reads about it. Most people will not research your business beforehand and will base their decisions off of how well you treated them.

It is a good idea to build some rapport with people by talking back and forth with them before you try to get a sale. Talk with the potential clients and answer some questions. This will begin to give you a good reputation. People will appreciate you answering their questions and are more likely to purchase from you in the end. Make sure their experience with you throughout this time and all future inquiries and transactions are smooth as possible. You want the customer feeling as if they had the best service ever.

After you build a client base, you can continue to monitor your online reputation using any tool you found through your research online. Not one tool is created equal so look for one that will help you the most. It is a good idea to use a tool to keep track of comments made either on social media, or a rating site such as yelp. Keep a record of all those reviews and come up with strategies in which you can make things better. You never want to go into business thinking once you see successes that things will not change. What works one time may not work afterward. The most successful businesses know this, which is why they have been in business for a long time. You should follow after them.

When someone or some people are saying negative things about your business, you want to be able to react as quickly as possible. Should this happen, you can try and talk with the person and ask that the review be taken down. You also want to apologize for any wrong doing even if you do not feel that you did anything wrong. If you start to point fingers and lay blame on the customer, this will cause further damage.

2. It Helps You Measure the Success of Your Business

You do not want to always worry about the negativity that can be a result of doing business, but you want to also focus on the positive outcomes. It may seem that you are boasting but you want to display the positive comments and let the world know how people feel about your brand. This will help with future business.

You now have some ideas of why it is important to track your online reputation. Keep in mind; you cannot prevent everyone from feeling a negative way toward your brand. Depending on how you react to it and how you handle a negative review can help or hurt your brand now and in the future. So do your research and keep track of your reputation; you will be glad you did.

Six (6) Keys to Success in Setting Up Your Small Business

Often when we arrive at that decision to start our own business it is with that intent to pocket a few extra dollars for ourselves and family. But just having a great idea is not enough. There are a few key ingredients that go into ensuring success in your small business. These are examined below;

1) Be passionate about what you are doing.

Even if you are not fully knowledgeable about what you are doing your passion will likely get you over the bar. Your knowledge will increase. Where your heart goes your body will follow so a little passion and enthusiasm will go a long way to ensuring your success.

2) Set achievable goals and work towards them.

The most critical aspect of your successes and achievements is your ability to measure them. Unless you have set goals how will you know if you are growing? Every entrepreneur needs to have a long-term vision for where he wants his/her business to go. Tied to that long-term vision are a series of smaller goals. This is what holds your business together on upon which your success is built. Motivation is a key benefit that manifests itself in your accomplishments and as you go from victory to victory you will continue to build momentum and snowball into a pillar of entrepreneurial success. This is what tells you that you are doing things right.

3) Humble yourself, be willing to learn

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to go about your business with a “know it all” attitude. Be open-minded and seek counsel where necessary. Read, network and submit yourself to forums or interest groups in your field. As you do you might be surprised that new ideas take root because of this kind of exposure. Be willing to share your experiences and knowledge and others will reciprocate in like manner. Don’t be too concerned with competing with your colleagues. Just do what you know is right and you will get your just rewards.

4) Learn from the mistakes of others, you don’t have to repeat them all over again.

I can guarantee that you will make some mistakes of your own at some stage in your new venture regardless how knowledgeable you are, and you may have to pay for them. What is certain also is that some have already been made for you. You won’t have to pay for those. It is important that you get as much information as you can about what you are doing. Do your research, ask questions and learn, learn, learn. Almost anything you can think of as a viable business idea has been thought of already. What happens after is what you need to be concerned with. Did the venture fail? Why? Certainly you don’t want to make that same mistake again. How successful is it, and what is the most profitable line? How long have they been in operation? This does not mean you will go out there and mirror what the other guy is doing but at least you will get a good appreciation and insight in terms of the direction you should or should not be heading.

5) Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Learn from the mistakes of others yes but learn from their victories also and capitalize on them. Do not go out trying to recreate what has already been done. There are some situations that will debunk this notion especially where copyright infringement and such like are concerned. But if you are looking for quality images for your site for example you certainly don’t have to go snap them yourself there are enough resources online you can choose from. You may have to pay a small fee in some cases but you will have to weigh the pros and cons before making your decision. In the end you may very well find it save you some valuable time and money.

6) Be patient but stay hungry!

Time is the one currency that has to be spent to ensure success at whatever you do. It is inevitable and we all know this. But we sometimes get ahead of ourselves in expecting unreasonable results in little time. We need to curb our enthusiasm otherwise we can end up frustrating ourselves. Everything takes time and in business this is no different. While we need to continue to be positive we have to set reasonable goals and be patient as we grow and achieve them.

5 Solutions to Make an Impressive Web Presence of Your Small Business

The advent of computers and e-commerce has enabled small businesses to create their companies come out big online. Actually, most home-based business transactions are completed in the comfort of the entrepreneurs’ bedroom, and yet they make it appear that potential clients are dealing with big, well-established, and of good standing companies. The following are some of the ways how they generally approach it, and of course you being a budding entrepreneur are capable of doing as well.

1. Construct an impressive website

There are numerous companies that offer complimentary entry to website builder, free domain, and no-charge hosting for the completed website. All you need usually is to register as a member to make sure you could use the free services endlessly. There is an option to upgrade to Premium account which has a minimal monthly charge.

2. Get your own paid domain name

The free domain that goes along with your free hosting, such as, “http://yourcompany.freehost.com”, gives the harmful perception regarding the credibility of your company. In comparison with a paid domain that bears only your company name, for example: “http://yourcompany.com”, your company can look more dignified over the internet. Your host company definitely also provides a paid domain. However, even if you want to purchase your domain from another company that gives an inexpensive price, it is possible to mask it and have it re-directed to your current complimentary website. That company definitely has easy-to-follow instructions in order to do the work.

Your domain should match the type of business you are in. For small businesses, the dot com (.com) extension could be appropriate. GoDaddy offers the most affordable domain, so far.

3. Use a Corporate Email Address

Free email addresses such as, “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”.com also create an unfavorable impression. Bundled as part of your paid domain is one (or more) free email address, for example, “[email protected]”. Such a company email address gives a more professional feel and look.

4. Make use of the pronoun “We, Us” rather than ” I, My”

Give the customers the impression that you are a team, instead of you working alone (at home). This kind of technique tells everyone that your current organization is run by individuals with expertise crucial to run the company competently.

5. Use a high-status business address

Unless your abode is situated in a high-end business location, making use of your home address as your business address could give you a negative perception in the event you are planning to create a picture of being big. To address this issue, you may avail of the services of a virtual office that provides a business address in impressive business areas of your country. In addition to the use of the address, the package includes the usage of facilities like conference room, a corporate office to personally entertain your potential customers, receptionists who are able to take care of your calls proficiently and forward them wherever you might be, and quite a few more that you can see in a typical office. What else, you can also make it come out that you maintain offices in numerous locations not only in the city but around the country or all over the world.